INS helping reduce Griffith’s carbon footprint


  • From simple duplex printing to large scale recycling programs, INS’ commitment to sustainability is helping reduce Griffith’s carbon footprint.

In addition to a long list of existing sustainability initiatives, the latest stats from our Print Services team show some impressive efforts:

  • Consumables recycling (fuser units, toner cartridges etc) is done on a regular basis throughout the year and averages a reduction of about 1000kg of waste in landfill per annum. In 2013 this figure was 820kg.
  • The replacement of the entire MFD fleet, which happens every 5-6 years, averages around 3 tonnes per year of saved waste in landfill.
  • In 2013 the MFD sleep mode settings saved 449 tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.
  • The amount of paper that duplex printing saved in 2013 converts to 188 tonnes of CO2 reductions.

The list doesn’t end there! For a full list of the waste reduction initiatives that INS contributes to, visit the Sustainability website.

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