Must-see video helping first year students

  • The library has produced a video for first year students, packed full of handy study strategies from those who’ve gone before them.

The video, which is uploaded on the Griffith University YouTube channel, features honest reflections from four Griffith students, sharing what they wish they had known when starting uni. It provides friendly advice for new students on how to use their time well, manage stress and adopt study strategies that actually work.

The students appearing in the inspiring video are real Griffith students who jumped at the chance to openly share their experiences and tips with others. One of the men featured had not even sent an email before starting at Griffith. He now regularly gets distinctions. Another started uni years ago, partied too hard, dropped out, travelled, got married, had kids and has now come back after realising what he wants to do.

Download video transcript.

2 Comments on “Must-see video helping first year students”

  1. Cathy Easte says:

    Pity it is not captioned – even with cheap YouTube upload of a transcript. No Transcript attached either. Students with disabilities and those with english as second language, and other benefit from such access

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