Revamped INS website now live

  • INS recently launched a new website that makes navigating the multifaceted world of Griffith’s library and IT services simpler.

New INS Website Screen ShotThe new website, which was launched earlier this month, is packed with plenty of extra features, improvements and pages. Along with a major makeover to both the home page and About Us pages, the INS Service Catalogue has also been revamped.

From new computer software and mobile phones to copyright advice and learning resources, the Service Catalogue is a central record of all business services provided by INS. Used widely by both staff and students, it provides a list of all services with concise details about how to get the service, service ownership, accountability and support channels.

As part of the website relaunch, Phase 1 of the Service Catalogue was released. Work in Phase 1 included a review of all client-facing services with an emphasis on providing an easily understood definition and standardised presentation of information. Features of the Service Catalogue include a fast, text searchable user interface, with the option to filter services on the basis of identified cohort or service category. Additionally, the services will filter on the fly as you type your search query.

Phase 2 work will commence shortly and will focus on the delivery of an online service catalogue which will simplify and better enable self service. Stay tuned!

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