Timetabling system upgrade forges ahead

  • Stage one of Griffith’s timetabling system upgrade has now been completed, with online data collection for class timetabling now live and available for staff use.

The Enterprise Timetabling Upgrade Project, which commenced in March 2013, is working to provide the University with a sustainable and supportable Enterprise Timetabling System that will improve both the student and staff experience.

Stage One

The first stage of the project – online data collection for class timetabling – went live on 17 February 2014 in time for the opening of the Semester 2 and Winter Semester data collection period. The introduction of online data collection means the elimination of a tedious manual collection process that both Schools/Departments and Exams and Timetabling staff have had to endure. It will make data collection much quicker and easier for all staff involved in the timetabling process.

What’s next?

The next stages of the project include:

  • upgrading the current Syllabus Plus system to the new web deployed Enterprise Foundation 3.10
  • redeveloping the interfaces to the Student Systems (PeopleSoft and Enrolment systems)
  • upgrading Exam Scheduler to the latest version
  • upgrading the existing web room booking system

The project is due for completion in October 2014.

For more information visit the project website or contact the project’s Change Manager Jennie Hardware or Project Manager Dale Helwig.

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