New version of Griffith App launched


  • New year, new app!

The Griffith App, developed in partnership with Blackboard inc, provides students, staff and visitors with a diverse suite of interactive features designed to provide invaluable information and nifty resources. Over the past 6 months Information Services staff have been working to bring you this marvellous new version of the Griffith App that current students all know and love. Intrigued? You should be. The new version of the app comes with the following new features:

  • A new, more elegant interface
  • A new Courses feature – this currently links to the Degree and Career Finder public web page. But fear not! INS is working on a mobile enhanced version which will go live soon, and users won’t have to update their app to access the mobile enhanced version when it’s ready
  • Study 2015 – this new feature links to the now mobile-friendly Future Students page where future students will be able to easily and quickly access the information they need about enrolling at Griffith via their mobile device
  • International – this part of the app redirects to a mobile-friendly version of Griffith’s International Homepage. Griffith International are currently working on mobile enhanced material. Once completed, the link to the new material will automatically redirect, meaning users won’t need an update to access it.

Aside from this, the existing features we all know and love have remained unchanged.

The release of this new version of the Griffith App is a radical move forward. The new platform provided by the vendor (Blackboard Mobile “Mosaic”) gives us the freedom and flexibility to rapidly develop and innovate. After this release, we’ll be looking at including even more useful features, even entertaining the idea of floor plans to guide students through the (sometimes labyrinthine) buildings of each campus – a venture that both Blackboard inc and Google have already done some work in.

The App is available for Apple iOS and Android devices. There’s also a web-based version of the app called “Smart Phone” that is mobile-friendly and accessible to all other types of smart phones with Internet connectivity.

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