Unified Collaboration project set to deliver even more in 2014


  • In addition to the continued rollout of video phones Griffith wide, the Unified Collaboration project team will introduce a wide variety of collaborative tools this year.

During 2013, over 2,300 video phones were deployed to the new buildings – Library Extension (G11), Griffith Health Centre (G40) and Sir Samuel Griffith Centre (N78) –  the South Bank campus and some parts of Nathan campus. This year the project team will continue the deployment of video phones across the rest of the University. For more information on when you can expect your phone, see the Deployment Schedule.

Most staff have heard about these new video phones, but many are not aware of what else the Unified Collaboration project is tasked to deliver. Over the past year, the project team has been busy working behind the scenes ensuring that the University has the appropriate infrastructure to support the introduction of a toolkit of unified collaboration tools.

What you should expect from the Unified Collaboration project in 2014

In the first half of the year:

  • a web browser based video and audio conferencing service that will enable you to meet and collaborate with colleagues, over the internet, from anywhere with an internet connection. You will be able to share documents, audio, video and your desktop between all participants. For more information, see What is Webex?

In the middle of the year:

  • fully integrated video conference rooms and video phones, meaning you can join any number of phones, tablets, smartphones and video conference rooms to a meeting without experiencing video dropouts. For more information, see What is Jabber?

  • a software phone that will allow you to answer your desk phone number on other devices such as a tablet, smartphone or computer using the same telephone number.  For more information, see What is Jabber?

What does this mean to you?

By the end of 2014 you will have access to a wide variety of collaborative tools. These tools will assist you in collaborating with colleagues both internally and externally and alleviate the need to travel for meetings between campuses. You will be able to:

  • make and receive video calls from your desk phone

  • be contactable via one telephone number on either your desk phone, computer, tablet or mobile phone

  • connect your video telephone/tablet/mobile directly to a video conference room

  • easily video conference and collaborate both internally and external to the University

  • reduce your travel for face to face meetings held at other campuses

  • reduce the university’s overall environmental footprint.

For more information visit the Unified Collaboration website.

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