Would you publish in this journal?

  • I recently received an invitation to submit a paper to this journal. Many of you may also have received a similar email:

Dear O’Brien, L.

This is from Editorial Board of Journal of Computer Engineering and Informatics (JCEI).

We recently read your paper “The changing scholarly information landscape: Reinventing information services to increase research impact”. The focus of JCEI is to provide an open access for researchers and scholars all over the world to share their experiences and opinions related to Computer Engineering and Informatics. We would like to invite you to contribute a new Research Paper for publication in JCEI.

It’s highly appreciated if you could submit your paper through online submission procedure, available at our website: http://www.academicpub.org/JCEI/SubmissionGuidelines.aspx

Plus, if you would like to be a reviewer of JCEI, please send us your CV.

And you could get more information about other journals published by World Academic Publishing at: http://www.academicpub.org/


On the face of it, a legitimate proposal, and you initially feel chuffed that they have asked. The only “missing” claim in their offer is whether it is indexed in reputable sources (which, of course, it isn’t). Unfortunately this journal is one of a growing portfolio of journals from a questionable publisher.

A must to know of is the blacklist of suspicious journal publishers published by a Colorado librarian and self-titled ‘Beall’s List’. This growing list currently exposes over 400 dubious Open Access publishers with poor ethical, editorial and peer-review practices in place.

These publishers spam professional mailing lists, targeting unsuspecting academics who are eager to have their work published. They exploit the ‘author-pays’ model and usually promise quick turnaround times to have the article reviewed, accepted and published.

How to avoid ‘predatory publishing’:

Can I encourage you to please share this important information with your colleagues and your students.

Linda O’Brien, PVC Information Services

4 Comments on “Would you publish in this journal?”

  1. sokol says:

    Hi, can you addvise a journal with impact factor above 1.00 in social sciences?

  2. Alistair F says:

    This is a very useful blog post. Thanks!

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