New interface for Griffith’s timetabling system

  • The Enterprise Timetabling Upgrade Project has been working hard on developing a new interface as both a replacement for the current timetabling interface (EMU) and to support new capabilities being delivered by the project.

The new interface, GETI (Griffith Enterprise Timetabling Interface), has been built on technologies that will be more robust, easier to support and provide improved flexibility and responsiveness.

Its features include:

  • Data collected during the class timetabling data collection process now flows directly from PeopleSoft into Enterprise Syllabus Plus eliminating the manual data entry process previously used by Exams and Timetabling Staff. This makes the class timetabling process much quicker and easier for everyone.
  • Data can now also be pushed back from Enterprise Syllabus Plus to PeopleSoft to create class numbers much earlier than ever before. This ‘Early Class Creation process’ gives Schools/Departments significantly more time to prepare their Course Profiles for an upcoming semester.
  • The new online data collection process also allows Schools/Departments to enter their non-timetabled course requirements online and a new GETI process will create the non-timetabled courses ready for use in a matter of minutes. This is a great improvement as in the past, the generation of non-timetable courses in PeopleSoft has been a very manual process for both Schools/Departments and for the BSS Student Systems team.
  • A critical step in the timetabling process – full class creation – is also benefitting from the new GETI interface. This process will update the initial classes created in PeopleSoft during the ‘Early class creation process’ with all the additional classes associated with a course including lectures, tutorials etc ready for the enrolment process.

All of this means a win for both staff and students!

For more information visit the project website or contact the project’s Change Manager Jennie Hardware or Project Manager Dale Helwig.

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