Research data sharing without barriers

Research Data Alliance image

  • Griffith participates in the global Research Data Alliance

Griffith is one of the first Australian universities to become an organisational member of the new international agency, the Research Data Alliance (RDA). It is the only Australian University on the interim Organisation Advisory Board.

RDA was established in 2012 with support from government agencies in Australia, the US and the European Union. RDA aims to build the social and technical bridges that enable open sharing of data.

Almost 500 researchers and policymakers from around the globe gathered for the Third Plenary for the Research Data Alliance in Dublin on 26-28 March, which focused on the theme ‘The Data Sharing Community: Playing Your Part’. The Australian ambassador to Ireland said it was a place for people who “care about how the sharing of research data can progress to discoveries that have the potential to be of benefit to all.” [1]

Director of eResearch Services and Scholarly Applications Development, Malcolm Wolski, is one of only 14 members worldwide on the RDA Organisation Advisory Board. Malcolm represented Griffith at the RDA Plenary.

“More and more researchers are collaborating across the globe and across disciplines. One of the basic needs will be the ability to share and integrate data for use amongst the collaborators,” Malcolm said.

“To achieve this aim there needs to be a concerted effort to break down the barriers making data sharing a problem.”

“The Research Data Alliance is a great vehicle for identifying specific issues and working collaboratively on solutions,” he said.

There is an opportunity for Griffith staff to get involved in RDA working and interest groups, which cover a range of topics in technology, policy and practice. If you are interested in participating, please contact Malcolm to discuss.

Tweets from the event have been gathered on Storify. Recordings of presentations are available on the RDA website.

[1] Dr Ruth Adler, quoted in The Irish Times: When it comes to scientific data, sharing is caring.

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