Griffith has joined Knowledge Unlatched

  • Knowledge Unlatched is a game changer for Social Sciences and Humanities publishing. It is good for libraries, publishers, authors and readers the world over.

Information Services on behalf of Griffith University has joined the Knowledge Unlatched Pilot Collection, taking steps towards creating a sustainable route to open access for a large number of scholarly books within the Humanities and Social Sciences area. 300 libraries from 24 countries have signed up for the pilot collection, which will provide 28 new titles freely accessible to anyone in the world via OAPEN, HathiTrust and the British Library.

The Knowledge Unlatched Pilot Collection covers topics in the Humanities (Literature, History) and Social Sciences (Politics, Media & Communications) areas from recognised scholarly publishing houses such as Amsterdam University Press, Bloomsbury Academic, Brill, Cambridge University Press, Duke University Press, Edinburgh University Press, Liverpool University Press, Manchester University Press, Purdue University Press, Rutgers University Press, Temple University Press and University of Michigan Press.

How does it work?

The Knowledge Unlatched pilot model is based on libraries from around the world sharing the payment of a single ‘Title Fee’ to publishers, in return for books being made discoverable and electronically accessible on a Creative Commons license via Open access publishing in European Networks (OAPEN), HathiTrust and British Library immediately upon publication.

22 of the 28 Knowledge Unlatched titles have been “unlatched” and are now accessible via the Library Catalogue using search terms Knowledge Unlatched Pilot Collection. View the full list of all available titles.

What does it mean for the library?

  • Enables librarians to provide wider access
  • A community driven initiative that helps lower costs
  • The library can provide the latest high quality titles from respected publishers

What does it mean for our authors?

  • Open Access at no cost to the author
  • Prestigious channel to publication maximising discovery
  • Enables good books to connect with readers

What does it mean for our readers?

  • Discover and read full length books as a downloadable PDF from anywhere in the world
  • No DRM



For more information about Knowledge Unleashed visit their website.

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