Travelling overseas for work?

  • Before you jet off, make sure you read this priceless advice about using your Griffith mobile devices overseas.

Did you know that international data downloads are not included in your Griffith mobile data plan? Downloading data when travelling overseas can result in a bill of hundreds, even thousands of dollars with excessive downloads leaving you majorly out-of-pocket.

To make sure that you’re trip doesn’t come with any nasty surprises, here’s some priceless information to help you stay connected without racking up huge bills.

There are 5 things you must do before you travel:

1. Review your responsibilities to ensure no unnecessary or excessive expenditure is incurred as specified in the Griffith Staff 6.15.05 Travel Policy and IT Code of practice.

2. Print a copy of the Read before you travel guide to take with you as a reference, which helps you to familiarise yourself with the different options for staying connected including:

  • 95% savings with a local pre-paid sim
  • Up to 75% savings with a TravelSIM
  • 100% savings with Eduroam
  • 100% savings with free WiFi hotspots
  • International roaming

3. Check which service is available at your destination and understand call and data charges.

4. Check your mobile device settings so you can change settings before your depart Australia (see the quick reference guide to adjust settings on an iPhone or iPad).

5. Turn off all call forwards to your mobile.

For more information visit the Travelling with your Mobile Device website or contact Library and IT Help.

Happy travels!

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