May is Information Awareness Month!

  • Information Awareness Month (IAM) aims to increase public awareness of information and its value in all aspects of daily business life.

A number of events were held during May to focus attention on the role that information plays in day to day activities, while highlighting the value of good information practices and policies.

The theme for IAM 2014 is ‘Collaboration and Innovation’. Join the conversation on twitter by following @naa_digital or using #IAM_2014.

What is happening at Griffith during May?

  • PRIVACY MATTERS: As part of Information Awareness Month, Griffith University Friends of the Library hosted Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim at the Nathan campus on Thursday 8 May. Mr Pilgrim outlined the most significant changes to privacy laws in over 25 years and their affect on a large section of the community. Read more.
  • NEW TRAINING MODULE: INS is launching a new Prezi training module (you heard it here first!) on Data and Information Storage at Griffith, with a one page information sheet to keep as a handy reference.
  • ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: If you haven’t already seen them, there are a few other resources that can help you navigate the world of Information Management:

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