Griffith phonebook

  • Need to update an entry in the Griffith phonebook?
    Use our new online forms!

The Griffith Switchboard operators not only provide a centralised answering point for all University numbers across all campuses, they also maintain the Griffith phonebook!

We now have online forms available to make it easier for you to request changes to the phonebook.

To make a request, please complete the relevant online form:

New phonebook entry

Change or delete existing phonebook entry

Or visit the Switchboard website.

When you submit your request, a Service Desk job will be automatically logged to the switchboard team for action. You will receive an email from ‘Service Desk’ with confirmation of your request and a reference number.

The switchboard team will make the relevant changes and the phonebook will update overnight.

One Comment on “Griffith phonebook”

  1. Louisa says:

    the switchboard operators are fantastic – so efficient, friendly and a font of knowledge too. thanks for highlighting the work they do

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