New Research Storage Service now available

  • Where do you store your research data?

On a USB stick? These are cheap and portable but they don’t store much data and are easy to lose.

On CDs or DVDs? Did you know that a DVD might only last two years if stored at above 28 degrees and 50% humidity – typical Queensland conditions!

On your laptop? More than 200,000 homes are broken into in Australia every year, and a quarter of burglaries now involve the theft of a laptop.

On a free online storage service like Dropbox? Free and commercial cloud storage services are becoming more popular, but they are not always good solutions when you read the fine print. Storing data overseas is not allowed under the new Griffith Cloud Hosting Policy and can also breach Australian privacy legislation. Many of these online services have documented security breaches, and the cost of using them can add up as your data grows and you move more of it around.

If you are a staff researcher or Higher Degree by Research student, Griffith’s new Research Storage service can help you store, share and synchronise the digital data generated during your research project. Your data is stored on Griffith systems, not off-shore. You get access anytime and anywhere, and you can share files easily with collaborators at Griffith, in Australia and overseas.

The new service offers benefits like:

  • An easy to use web interface
  • 5GB of personal storage, plus instant access to extra storage for research projects
  • Ability to add accounts for research collaborators, including people outside of Griffith
  • Control over who sees your files and what they can do – provide full access rights, or set permissions on who can edit, share and delete
  • Installable apps that automatically synchronise files between your different devices
  • Meet your legal and ethical obligations and the requirements of the new Griffith Cloud Hosting Policy – your data is stored locally on Griffith-hosted systems, not overseas.

To request an account or find out more, visit the Research Storage Service website.


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