Griffith engaging new exciting platforms for digital storytelling

Griffith teams have collaborated on a groundbreaking digital project; ‘Pest Controller, Shock Absorber: 40 years of the Prime Ministers’ Chiefs of Staff’.

In what is believed to be an Australian first, this project used  digital media as a storytelling platform to communicate research to a mass audience.

This innovative project was a first time collaboration between Associate Professor Anne Tiernan (GBS), Learning Futures (Innovations Team) and Griffith University ePress.

The digital product contains extensive history behind Australian Prime Ministers’ Chiefs of Staff over the last forty years. The name ‘Pest Controller, Shock Absorber’ is a reference to metaphors affectionately used to describe the role as Chief of Staff. The project was developed as a companion to two recently published books Anne Tiernan has co-authored with Professor R.A.W. Rhodes. These are: Lessons in Governing: A Profile of Prime Ministers’ Chiefs of Staff and The Gatekeepers: Lessons from Prime Ministers’ Chiefs of Staff, both published by Melbourne University Press.

Image of the ebook

The project uses new digital storytelling platform Creativist that allow for the aggregation of multiple media and interactivity. When scrolling through the book the audience is directed through the narrative with short paragraphs of text, peppered with interactive elements such as short videos, photos, maps and external links.

The ‘Pest Controller, Shock Absorber’ digital project has created an exciting new medium for disseminating research. The outstanding final product has created a buzz about digital publishing and has been featured in research, journalism and publishing social networks around the world.

Have a look at this exciting project here.

Image of ebook

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