INS Librarian delves into the world of publishing

Just over 16 months ago, Academic Services Librarian Kim Kelly received a phone call from Griffith law academic, Dr Jay Sanderson, asking if she was interested in assisting him with editing a law textbook.

Never one to miss an opportunity for professional development and trying something new, Kim eagerly commenced the project, working with Dr Sanderson for 15 months to edit the 3rd edition of A practical guide to legal research (published by Thomson Reuters).

Kim said that the experience was very rewarding, on many levels.

“I enjoyed the first-hand experience of a look behind the scenes of publishing, learning about the process of publishing a book and, working with a publisher, as well as working with an academic” Ms Kelly said.

“There were some crazy deadlines to meet, many hours of repetitive, exacting checking of details, and quite a lot of (unexpected) stress as attention to detail became critical to the text’s accuracy,” she said.

“Working outside of my comfort zone and having this amazing experience really made me come out the other side richer in experience – both in librarianship and in my subject discipline area.” The opportunity for Kim to work with Dr Sanderson exemplifies the type of client collaboration and increased engagement between INS and the Griffith community.

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