Course resources go digital

The digital world continues to expand and it is inevitable that print is decreased in favour of a paperless online environment.

Griffith University Strategic Plan Goal 4 is to be a sustainable university. In order to deliver this goal Information Services is focused on reducing the volume of printing across the University and facilitating the uptake of online systems.

There has been a substantial decrease in the number of course resources printed and distributed (by post, to Schools and/or to Bookshops) for Griffith and OUA courses over the last few years as Schools move resources online.

Since 2014 the Digitisation and Distribution team have been actively liaising with Schools to transition course resources online. As such, from study period 3, 2014 the print and distribution services for OUA courses will be discontinued and from semester 1, 2015 the services will be discontinued for Griffith courses.

The multitude of new devices available to students’ means that now more than ever; ‘going digital’ in terms of student course resources is a key value for the University and the students’ whom attend it.

The benefits of a transition to operation in a digital environment cannot be overlooked.  Digital materials have the ability to interact with other media and the added dimension of auditory capabilities opens up a world of possibilities that printed materials cannot match. In addition, a paperless environment is greener than print and moving towards operation in an environment where the use of paper is ephemeral supports the University towards its goal to be sustainable.

Digital resources also offer students instant access to their resources instead of waiting on a package that may take days to arrive. Students who lose their materials remain a few web clicks away from getting new ones, instead of waiting on a package resend which may delay their time to prepare for an assignment.

The Digitisation and Distribution team can assist with moving course resources online in the following ways:

  • Format of course resources, such as a study guide, and return for upload to a Learning@Griffith course site.
  • Digitisation of course readings and addition to a Learning@Griffith course site. Digitisation can be requested online here.

The rise of digital resources and the benefits associated with them make the transition from print to digital worthwhile for the University and students.

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