Open Access Week is approaching

  •  International Open Access Week kicks off next week and the theme this year is Generation Open

Open Access logoHeld October 20 – 26 International Open Access Week is an opportunity for the Griffith community to learn about the benefits of Open Access alongside the wider global community. This year’s theme – Generation Open – highlights the importance of students and early career researchers as advocates for Open Access and explores changes in scholarly publishing around the world.

What is open access?

According to the Australian Open Access Support Group, “Open access is making research results freely available to anyone with an internet connection rather than keeping those results hidden behind a subscription paywall.”

The goal of open access is to disseminate knowledge globally, free from technological restraint and cost.

Benefits of open access

If you are an academic or research student making your research outputs openly accessible has many benefits. Disseminating research through open access channels brings your research to a wider audience than subscriber-restricted publications with demonstrably higher citation rates of up to 300%.1 This increases the visibility of your research and makes your articles easier to find.

In addition, open access accelerates research discoveries. By sharing your research others can build upon it or apply it in a practical way that can lead to benefits to people around the world. For example, open access research led to a 16 year old making a pancreatic cancer diagnosis breakthrough. Watch how.

If you are a student, accessing open access textbooks and other educational resources can save you money and provides you with free access to a wide range of global quality research and educational resources.

How to publish open access?

Research can be published to open access journals or deposited in an open access repository. Griffith’s Open Access website provides a wealth of information to help navigate through open access publication.

During Open Access Week a range of webinars will be offered. Register to attend a webinar to learn more about open access and open access publishing.




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