New HDR Seminars

A new series of seminars for Higher Degree Candidates is being offered by Information Services in 2015.  An example of the topics are:

  • Research like an expert
  • How your networks and sharing can maximise your impact
  • Track, measure and demonstrate Impact
  • Data Management
  • Managing References and sources
  • Organising and analysing your information
  • Publishing your research

We are running two seminars in November (see below), with the full suite running from February 2015. Workshops are advertised on the GGRS workshops Calendar and the Library workshops and training page.

1. Publishing your research (no booking required)

Discover traditional vs non-traditional ways to get published.  What licencing/publishing agreements really mean. Find out the Strategic journals to target for your discipline and much more

10/11 Nathan                N53 1.51           1:15pm
11/11 Gold Coast          G10 2.25           10:15am

2. How your networks and sharing can maximise your impact (no booking required)

Building a profile:  How to use Social Networking/Collaboration Tools like Blogs, Yammer, Twitter, ResearchGate and Google Scholar to increase your impact and build your profile. Sharing your research: Theses, Open Access Repositories, Griffith Research Online and other Resource Discovery tools

25/11 Nathan                 N53 1.51           10:30am
27/11 Gold Coast           G10 2.25           10:30am

Sue Hickson | Library Services Manager (Business)
Library and Learning Services

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