Better online profiles for all academics


All Griffith academics will soon get to experience the benefits of having a dynamic online profile that will attract engagement from Students, HDR candidates, media and industry.

Building on the success of the award winning Research Hub, INS is now expanding the Hub, to Scholars Hub due for release in early 2015, to include all Griffith academics. This is an expansion of the original Research Hub which only provided profiles to research active academics. Now all academics, including those who focus on Teaching and Learning will have a profile.

The secret to the Hub’s success is that it will automatically syncronise the information you have entered in to other University systems (such as RAD), and update your profile daily to ensure it remains current.

Dr Robin Roberts was thrilled at the opportunity to showcase her work, commenting “The Scholars Hub provides a place to share my achievements in research and teaching with existing, new and yet to be met colleagues.”

Being accessible to media, industry and aspiring HDR candidates will increase the impact and success of all Griffith academics.

“The Scholars Hub will provide an excellent portal for our national and international colleagues to keep up-to-date with our activities and an avenue for potential research collaborators and students to initiate links with us” says Dr Benjamin Weeks.

INS will be undertaking a significant communications campaign with academics and support staff to ensure the transition to the new Hub is smooth as possible This will include online training guides and access to an informative support team.

For further information, please contact Suchi Rao (Change Manager) on

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