Griffith Research Online approaches the 1 millionth download

Griffith Research Online (GRO) is Griffith University’s Institutional Repository for published research material. It aims to make valuable Griffith research available to the widest possible audience.

Wherever possible, subject to author contributions and copyright constraints, Griffith Research Online contains the full text of articles, conference papers, book chapters and other published written material.

By having full text, open access copies of publications in Griffith’s institutional repository we can maximise the impact and influence of the University’s scholarly outputs.

The GRO Team can assist Griffith authors with:
• getting publications from the Griffith portal into GRO,
• copyright permission information relating to self-archiving in an open access repository,
• enhancing GRO records with files and links,
• assisting with the statistics component of GRO.

Griffith Research Online provides access to Griffith Research publications by everyone, anywhere, in the world and if you look at the statistics section of the Griffith Research Online repository you can see where in the world it is being downloaded.

More information:
GRO main page

GRO statistics

999604 downloads at 09:00 24/11

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