Holiday Update from Linda O’Brien

Dear colleagues,

We are having an interesting end to what was undeniably an interesting year, with the tertiary education sector facing the most significant set of policy changes since the Dawkins Reforms. Whilst the final outcome is still unclear, Griffith is well positioned to positively embrace any changes that come our way – and that goes doubly for Information Services following some major internal changes this year. These changes will ensure we are well placed to continue to provide you with the services, systems and capability you need to meet your research, teaching, learning and administrative needs.

And whilst INS has been changing it hasn’t diminished this year’s achievements. Each year we choose a few “snapshots’ to form a short end of year video- a much more interesting way to get a flavour of the year that has been rather than through a printed Annual Report which seems destined to becomes ‘shelfware’.

With a large dose of good cheer, I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas break and I look forward to seeing you all back at Griffith in 2015. It should be a stimulating year!



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