Roller coaster academic taken to new heights

Image of Malcolm

Image courtesy of the Courier Mail.


Information Services own Media Developer Malcolm Burt is riding a wave of good publicity after giving a talk on his research documentary at the Southbank TEDx talk last December. The hugely successful TEDx lecture series featured Malcolm discussing his passion and focus for his latest documentary Signature Attraction. Currently finishing his Masters in Fine Arts at QUT, the basis of Malcolm’s documentary is the question – Why do roller coasters exist? Malcolm is currently presenting his research at the American Culture Association’s annual conference in New Orleans.

Malcolm says of his documentary subject; “to me, (riding roller-coasters is) a way to connect to the innocent and carefree, even the terrifying rides. I definitely appreciate old roller-coasters and support their preservation, but it’s the super-new, ridiculously tall, horrifyingly fast rides I’m particularly excited about.”

See the full article in U on Sunday, The Sunday Mail.

Watch Malcolm’s original TEDx talk below.

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