Griffith Archive has officially launched

The Griffith Archive had its long-awaited launch on Thursday 16 April.

The event was officially launched by the VC, and was attended by a number of current and former staff.

Amongst the notable former staff in attendance was our second VC, Professor Emeritus Roy Webb, the foundation School of AES Chairman (Professor Emeritus Calvin Rose), and Professor Emeritus David Pegg, who delivered the first ever lecture at the Nathan campus in 1975.

Having these venerable former staff present gave the attendees a chance to hear some wonderful stories about the ‘old’ Griffith.

Professor Roy Webb recounted how the School of Aviation was established at Griffith. Professor Webb was driving his son to attend a pilot’s lesson at Archerfield Airport and they discussed that Newcastle University had aviation studies. During this discussion, Professor Webb thought to himself ‘if Newcastle are offering Aviation, why can’t we?’

Professor Calvin Rose shared how he visited the family of Sir Samuel Griffith to collect the sword and scabbard that forms part of the Sir Samuel Griffith Regalia Collection (currently displayed in Nathan campus library).


Many of the former long-serving staff suggested to the Curator of the Griffith Archive that ‘you should come out and have a look through my garage – I have heaps of old stuff in there that you could use’.

The evening was a great success and paves the way for the Griffith Archive to carry out its core activities of recording, preserving, displaying our University’s history and supporting the business activities of our organisation.

Congratulations to all involved in bringing the Griffith Archive to life. Special thanks goes to Michael Banks, Curator, Griffith Archive.

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