Masters and Slaves wows it’s fifth year running!

mastersandslavesOn 30th April 2015, Masters and Slaves celebrated its fifth year as part of the Friends of the Library events program.

Since 2010, students from the School of Humanities Small Room Writers Collective have continued to enthral guests with take down critiques, satirical rants and painful homages.

With pieces dedicated to famous authors, the students took on their heroes in a battle to define who really is the great literary master and who are the slaves.

This year, five students took to the stage. Ashleigh Watson got lost in Joan Didion’s notebooks, Paige Townsend rolls around in Tara June Winch’s poetics, Dean Barker tried to out monotone comedian Steven Wright, Simon Jun went to battle with Ayn Rand and Ben Brown recalls a youth spent with Terry Pratchett and H. Rider Haggard.

Performing to a packed room, Popular Music students, Tom Sun and Sophia Koop, from the Queensland Conservatorium, accompanied the students making it a memorable night for performers and guests alike.

The students and performers then mingled with guests over drinks and canapés, reflecting on who really is the literary master.

To ensure you’re invited to our next great event, register to become a Friend of the Library.

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