Are you using Jabber yet?


jabberYou can use Jabber to answer calls to your desk phone on a PC, Mac or mobile device when you are away from your desk, at home, at a conference or anywhere with an Internet connection!

Jabber is a softphone and you can use it to:

  • make voice or video calls
  • make internal calls on a mobile device on or off campus using your desk phone number
  • join meetings or conference calls with internal and external participants.

You can access missed calls and your desk phone voicemail.

You can search the Griffith Phonebook and add to your Jabber contacts list for easy access.

Do you want to start using Jabber?

You can download and install the application for Windows, Mac or mobile devices. There are also getting started and quick reference guides to help you.

What’s all this Jabbering about?

Jabber is being used by Griffith staff in Australia and overseas. Here is what they are saying about Jabber:

  • “I am based in HK looking after Griffith Bachelor of Business program there. Having Jabber makes communication with staff back in Australia much easier. I have it installed in both my computer and mobile. Jabber not only allows me to make normal phone calls, but also allows me to attend onshore video conferences. The voice and image quality is really good at those video conferences.  I can tell whether the staff I want to call is available from Jabber, which I find it useful.” — Gloria Ge, Director, Bachelor of Business, Department of International Business and Asian Studies
  • “I’ve only just started using Jabber. I have it installed on my iPad so that I can participate in video calls wherever I happen to be. I also use it to check voice mail as it’s easier than dialling in to my phone. I’ve only used it a couple of times at this stage but it’s worked a treat!” — Lorelle Frazer, Director, Online & Blended Learning, Griffith Business School
  • “It’s great carrying my phone everywhere I take my laptop, so I can make and receive calls when I’m not at my desk. Using the computer’s camera and microphone (well, using a headset microphone where I can) is fantastic. I’m looking at the person straight ahead rather than twisting to look at a video phone. Plus I can use the computer while on the phone and not treat the other end of the call to the side of my head!” — Colin Morris, Web Apps, Solutions Coordinator

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