Automatic booking of non-lecture course activities in Lecture Capture

lecturecapture_rectangleAutomatic booking of non-lecture course activities (i.e. tutorials, seminars, workshops, etc.) in the Lecture Capture Service will be made available from Summer Semester 2015/2016.

You will no longer be required to do the manual booking for the timetabled non-lecture course activities.

Using the existing Timetable Data Collection process, you will be able to indicate your course timetable requirements. Non-lecture course activities will automatically be scheduled for recording when:

  1. A Lecture Capture requirement has been indicated in the Course Timetable Requirements (CTR) Data Collection system; and
  2. A Lecture Capture venue has been timetabled.

The Timetable Data Collection period for the Summer Semesters 2015/2016 and Semester 1 2016 will be starting mid July 2015.

The automatic booking of lectures and the Lecture Capture opt-out process, guided by the Lecture Capture Policy, will remain unchanged.

The Lecture Capture Service, schedules and records the in-class presentations and automatically publishes the recordings to the associated Learning@Griffith course sites. The Service has been supporting learning and teaching activities at Griffith University since 2009.

Since its upgrade to the Echo360 system in 2013, the Service is now available in 130 venues, with more than 20,000 recordings published in Semester 1, 2015.

For more information about Lecture Capture Service visit the Blended Learning Support site.

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