Learning@Griffith is moving to the Cloud

learning_squareSince March, the Blackboard Project Team have been working on moving Learning@Griffith from the Information Services basement into Blackboard’s cloud hosting environment.

The move is scheduled to happen on the 11th and 12th of July. This means Learning@Griffith will be unavailable for two days.

There will be no changes to the Learning@Griffith user interface or functionality. The changes will effect the back end of the system only.

Aside from supporting the Griffith Online Strategy, the move to the Cloud provides many benefits to the University, including greater coverage of system-wide outages.

Moving Learning@Griffith to the Cloud presents many challenges – both technical and non-technical. But the project team is up for the challenge as they have experience on their side.

Earlier this year, the team developed a small learning environment that is successfully hosted in the Cloud. The learning environment uses the latest version of Blackboard and created specifically for Griffith’s Accelerated Online Programs.

If you have any inquiries or concerns about the Blackboard Project, please contact Den Cho.

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