Lights, camera, action! The Media Production Team at THETA 2015

mediaproduction_rectangleThe Media Production Team, headed by Eva Czaran, were the crew behind the video camera’s at this year’s THETA Conference.

They created the video that showcased the presentations, activities, and interviews, as well as successfully capturing on camera the fun, relaxed vibe permeating the May conference.

Producing the video for the THETA Conference was challenging due to tight timeframes.  The highlights video was shown on the last day of the event, which meant they had three days to film, edit and produce a video.  “We had to conceptualise, shoot and edit on the run, ” said Eva.

Long hours were spent in post-production to ensure the final video was more than just good footage but that it told a story. And since filming was an all day affair, post-production was all night until early morning.

However, there were no complaints from her dedicated Early Career Crew; which included a Graphic Designer, Audio Designer, Camera Operator and Audio Recordist  – all Griffith students or recent graduates.

“My Audio Designer, who was working with us online from the Sunshine Coast, was so inspired by her team mates work she told me, ‘you have me until dawn!’”

That doesn’t mean there weren’t tears. “One of the students had tears in her eyes when she saw the finished THETA highlights video,” said Eva.  “ It was just such an emotional experience. We all worked so hard, and the students worked so amazingly together”.

This isn’t the first project that Eva has recruited Griffith students and graduates for. There has been a long-standing partnership between the Media Production Team and the Griffith Film School.

It all started five years ago when a Griffith Film School student approached Eva about doing work placement as part of her final year of studies.

“She was with us for an eight week period. She was so technically savvy and hungry for new information.  All that was lacking was real world experience”.

Eva was so impressed with the student’s skills and abilities, recruitment since then has been done through the Griffith Film School. “We get approached directly from students and we also receive student recommendations from lecturers”.

The Media Production team employed five Early Career Crew last year and just in the second half of last year provided them with 94 days of paid employment.  Eva highly recommends creating professional opportunities for Griffith students and graduates. As a Griffith University graduate herself, Eva said “it is such a privilege to have a positive impact on their future”.

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