Internet Explorer 11 Upgrade

Internet Explorer 11During August 2015,  the Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) web browser will automatically be installed on all staff Windows 7 computers that haven’t already been upgraded. Internet Explorer is a web browser included as standard with all Windows computers.

The latest version of IE looks and operates much the same as previous versions so you won’t notice much difference. Your existing IE “Favourites” will remain unchanged and will continue to be available after this update.

The IE11 upgrade is being implemented for the following reasons;

  • From January 2016 Microsoft will only support the latest version of IE (currently IE11)
  • IE11 is more secure when browsing the internet than previous versions.
  • IE11 has been available for 12 months and is a mainstream and mature product.
  • People are now experiencing compatibility issues using some websites with older versions of IE.
  • IE11 is already deployed across all student computing facilities at Griffith so this change will standardise IE version across all environments.

This automatic upgrade will occur behind the scenes over a period of several weeks. However, you can immediately update your computer by selecting IE11 from the list of applications available within the “Installable Applications” link provided on the Windows “Start Menu”.

In rare situations some websites may not display and/or operate correctly when using IE11. If you encounter this scenario the “compatibility” settings within the IE product and other work-arounds are available.

This update to IE11 will not affect any other web browsers (e.g. Chrome and FireFox) that may also be in use on your computer.

Visit our Internet Explorer 11 website for advice or further information.

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