Love My Library

Did you know research shows first year students who access library services and resources are better prepared for assessment, have higher GPAs, and are more likely to finish their degrees1?

Posters are now around the libraries informing students about the FREE specialist services offered by the university libraries.  Our libraries are not just where the books live but places for connecting with study groups, accessing learning advisers, ICT literacy specialists and special referencing librarians.

Libraries are important aspects of academic success – have you been taking advantage of what we offer? We want our students to stay with Griffith University for not only their first degree, but subsequent study as well!

So encourage your students to enter the library, go on the library webpage, talk to librarians, meet with learning advisers, and go to workshops.  Don’t forget the self-help resources we have online and great access to resources through tools such as BONUS+. In fact, our catalogue never sleeps and has no time zone!

We aim to prepare our students for bright futures, to be open to further study, and to have great memories about their time at Griffith University – after all, if you know more, you can do more.

Check out our Workshops and Training website, with heaps of great information including:

  • Self-help resources
  • The library has a range of specialists who can help with academic or library related issues and are grouped by subject areas. The specialists include: Librarians, Learning Advisers, ICT Literacy specialists and Information Literacy Librarians.

Check out what the library can do for your students!

1Krista, S., Fransen, J., & Nackerud, S. (2013). Library use and undergraduate student outcomes: new evidence for student’s retention and academic success. Libraries and the Academy, 13(2), 147-64. doi: 10.1353/pla.2013.0010

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