Readings: the New Reading List Service

Course Readings

Readings, the new reading list service, delivers the required learning resources identified in the course profile to students in a timely and user friendly way.

The service was introduced in January 2015. As of 30 June 2015, more than 39,000 users have accessed the new reading list service and have viewed over 330,000 pages.

All the reading lists are created from information in the course profile system and digitised reading in Learning@Griffith.  The lists link directly to resources in the library catalogue, external websites (e.g. eJournals) and any requested digitised readings.

You can access reading lists at Learning@Griffith or visit:

Readings has a number of benefits including:

  • Seamlessly integrating the lists within Learning@Griffith course sites as well as improves procurement of library resources
  • Students will be able to discover and access learning and reading resources via a single source
  • An easy to use Copyright management tool
  • It is scalable to support the changes to the education model over the next few years

For further information information, visit:

To provide feedback on the new reading list service, visit:

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