Unlimited Access to Newspapers and Magazines Online!

PressReader Access magazines and newspapers online with the Library PressDisplay website or the PressReader app.

With these online resources, you gain access to publications from within the library, from home and around the world on the day they are published.

Published by PressReader; the PressDisplay website and PressReader app provide access to exactly the same newspapers and magazines, but through different interfaces.

Available for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Kindle, the app will allow you to save papers for reading offline and to automatically download the latest editions of your chosen newspapers and magazines.

The PressReader app remembers a device’s affiliation with a Griffith staff member or student for 7 days after connecting on campus or via Virtual Private Network (VPN).

What newspapers can I access?

You have access to major Australian newspapers, such as The Australian, The Courier Mail, The Sunday Mail (Queensland) and The Gold Coast Bulletin.

You also have access to international papers such as The Guardian (UK) and USA Today.

What magazines can I access?

Read popular magazines such as TechLife Australia, Good Weekend, Digital Camera World, Computer Arts, Yen, Donna Hay, Delicious, Vogue, Golf Australia and Popular Science.

What other online resources can I access?

Aside from Library PressDisplay and PressReader, the library provides access to many news and current affairs online resources. Have a look at our Digital Media: News Library Guide for a comprehensive list.

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