Griffith Experts to be released in late September

researchhub_rectangleGriffith University was recognised globally for its innovation when it released the Griffith Research Hub in 2012.

To build on the success of the past, Griffith will launch the next generation in online discoverability of its excellence; contributing to increased engagement with industry, the media and cross-institutional collaborators.

Griffith Experts will replace the Research Hub and will be released for internal review by academic staff on 28 September 2015.

“I am excited to be stepping up our efforts in surfacing the contribution that all of our academic colleagues make to both research, and learning and teaching” said Linda O’Brien, Pro Vice Chancellor for Information Services and Sponsor of the Griffith Experts project.

All academics will be provided with a profile. This is an expansion of the current system and recognises that in addition to research, Griffith academics make immense contributions to learning and teaching, which drives student experience and graduate outcomes.

The key strength of Griffith Experts is it automatically updates a profile when information is changed or added in existing university systems. This means profiles are current and rich, without duplicating time-consuming data entry tasks.

Ongoing engagement through a diverse User Group has informed the development of Griffith Experts, including and enhanced profile edit interface to improve user experience.

Training sessions and system user help guides will be made available to assist all profile holders with the initial set up and ongoing management of their profile.

For further information, contact Change Managers Suchi Rao or Julie Toohey.

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