Learning@Griffith is speeding along

learning_squareThe Blackboard Hosting Migration Project recently migrated Learning@Griffith from our internal hardware to Blackboard’s Managed Hosting Environment.

Supporting the Griffith Online Strategy, this move enhances our capability to ensure issues are responded to at any time of the day or night. It also provides optimal application speed and responsiveness, no matter how many people are logged in!

Information Services (INS) teams (including EIS, ITI & IM) worked with Blackboard staff to provide the support and expertise required to ensure that the migration was a success.

Professor Alf Lizzio, Director of Learning Futures, said: “The quality of the outcome is a testimony to the careful and collaborative planning and implementation of a highly complex and strategically important component of our learning and teaching environment. I really appreciate and value the willingness of staff to go above and beyond to achieve this outstanding result”.

In recent weeks, INS and Blackboard Managed Hosting Services worked together to mitigate the effects of a series of (external) major malicious attacks on Blackboard’s Sydney Data Centre.

Measures are currently in place to ensure that the system performs optimally during Semester 2. Thanks to the combined effort of INS and Blackboard, Learning@Griffith is running approximately 20% faster than it was prior to the migration.

For further information, contact Kristina Nisova (Communication Officer) or Den Cho (Project Manager).

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