Murder in Margaret Street

bridget_rectangleBridget Betts, a 47-year-old woman, killed Catherine Knight during a drunken fight in Brisbane’s Margaret Street. Sounds like a story of alcohol-fuelled violence you would find in newspapers of today, doesn’t it?

But no, this incident occurred in 1888 and has been highlighted by the Prosecution Project team in their video The Case of Bridget Betts. The video examines the relatively unknown criminal trial of Bridget Betts and the crime she committed on the night of 12 September 1888.

Aside from learning about the circumstances of the crime, the 8-year-old key witness and what became of Bridget, the video provides some interesting historical information about Margaret Street. Who knew it was part of Brisbane’s seedy red light district known as Frog’s Hollow?

Information Services provided much expertise to help make the video – Media Production Services produced the video and eResearch Services developed the web interface.

The Prosecution Project research team wrote the story and script. Special mention goes to Dr Alana Piper, Research Fellow with the ARC Laureate Fellowship project, based in the Griffith Criminology Institute.

The Prosecution Project team is investigating the history of the criminal trial in Australia. The project will produce a rich understanding of how crime has been prosecuted in Australia.

It will also tell us much about Australian history – how people lived, how they behaved, how they dealt with conflict and tragedy, how legal and political institutions responded to crime and its consequences.

So what happened to Bridget? Watch the video to find out!

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