Protect yourself from publishing scams

publishingscam_squareHaving your papers published in quality journals is important for your research profile and building your academic career.

But academics are being exploited by ‘predatory publishers’ warned ABC’s Background Briefing Journalist, Hagar Cohen in August.

‘Predatory publishers are exploiting academics by getting them to pay fees—sometimes thousands of dollars—to publish their papers in low-grade journals, alongside anything from harmful junk science to flat out dangerous ideas,’ he said. Read the full Background Briefing article.

How can you protect yourself from publishing scams? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Read articles published by the journal and assess quality
  • Obtain details about the editorial board. Is it made up of recognised experts with full affiliations?
  • Check a reputable directory such as IE Ulrichs or Directory of Open Access Journals to see if the publication is listed
  • Consult Bealls List. Academic librarian, Jeffrey Beall, compiles a list of ‘questionable open-access publishers reported to have dubious practices’. Go to the Scholarly Open Access website and click List of Publishers.
  • Ask your colleagues and discipline librarian about the publication and look at indicators of journal impact.
  • Have a look at the Griffith University Library Get Published Research Guide
  • Learn more about academic publishing. Library and Learning Services offers a series of workshops targeted to support Academics and Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidates along all stages of the research life cycle. Book into the Publishing your research: an introduction It will provide you with information on how to target strategic journals and provide an overview of both the traditional and non-traditional ways to get published.
  • Choose the journals you wish to submit to. Don’t respond to unsolicited emails.

This piece has been adapted from an article written by Roxanne Missingham. How researchers can protect themselves from publishing and conference scams (2015) Australasian Open Access Support Group.

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