Cyber security: are you safe?

esmart_rectangleRaise your awareness of cyber safety during National eSmart Week, Monday 7 September to Friday 12 September. National eSmart Week encourages libraries, schools and community organisations to come together to celebrate digital inclusion and raise awareness of cyber safety in Australia.

Here are three tips to keep you cyber safe at Griffith:

1. Create a strong password

Use a combination of at least 8 upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols to create a strong password for your Griffith University account.

Don’t use names, birth dates, and names of friends or significant others, pet names or license plate numbers. Someone who knows you, or has access to this information (e.g. Facebook page, blog, LiveJournal), can easily guess a password based on personal information. There are also programs designed to guess a user’s password by using personal information found online.

2. Know the latest scams

Check websites such as SCAMwatch and Stay Smart Online to find the latest information on known scams. Also keep an eye on your Griffith email! Chief Technology Officer, Bruce Callow, sent out an email recently detailing the latest scams being sent to Griffith staff and students. ‘The first type pretends to come from Griffith’s library system and attempt to steal your Griffith username and password by directing you to a fake Griffith login page’ he said.

‘The second type of bogus emails is sent by criminals attempting to extort money from you using a type of malware known as “ransomware”. These emails have an attachment which, if opened, encrypts as many files as it can on your PC’s hard drive, any connected USB devices, and any network drives you might be connected to. You are then told you have a certain number of days to pay a ransom to get your files back,’ said Mr Callow.

And remember, Griffith University will never ask you to provide your password! If you are unsure if an email is valid or not, forward it to:

3. Check your anti-virus software is up-to-date

Symantec Endpoint Protection software should come as standard with your Griffith University virtual workspace (The Standard Operating Environment/Golden Image). This software is managed and updated centrally by Information Services. This means you will have always have the most up to date and secure computing environment possible.

Contact the IT helpdesk if Symantec Endpoint Protection is not installed, enabled or updating on your computer.

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