myGriffith: the launch of the new student portal

The new student portal, myGriffith, was successfully launched on Thursday, 1 October 2015. The portal is a one-stop-shop for everything students need to know about university life.

With myGriffith, students:

  • Can see their daily schedule and exam timetable;
  • Discover events at their campus;
  • Learn about workshops to help them succeed; and
  • Receive reminders about unpaid fees and when to enrol.

Personalised to the student, the portal tailors content to students based on their career, campus, school, lifecycle, and support needs.

Content is labelled and grouped in a way that makes sense to students. In recent student testing, students scored myGriffith 8.5 out of 10 for usability.

Homepage tiles highlight key information to students at the right time, e.g. exam timetables, grades, enrolment countdown and graduation details.

A new messaging feature in myGriffith allows you to send tailored communications to specific groups of students. Please contact the Student Administration Training and Communications Team for more information about myGriffith messages.

Who has to access to myGriffith?
Students and staff members in a student support or operational support role have access.

How do I access myGriffith?
It can be accessed from the myGriffith link in the header of the Griffith website or by visiting

myGriffith is available on any device, anywhere.

Where can I get help for myGriffith?
The myGriffith support page contains user guides and contact details.

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