Are you using the best web browser of 2015?

PC World
 has tested the top web browsers against a variety of simulated and real-world tests, and picked a winner.

They compared Google Chrome, Microsoft’s Edge and Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera to determine the best of the best.

Using the latest available version of each browser (except for Firefox), they looked at each browser holistically: How easy was each to install and set up? Does Opera make it simple to switch from Chrome, for example?

Did your favourite browser win? Read the full article online to find out:

PC World is available online via EBSCO’s Australia New Zealand Reference Centre database. You can read articles from the current edition all the way back to 1996!

With 12 issues a year, PC World provides you with expert industry analysis and practical solutions to help you get more from technology.

Did you know you can receive email notifications when a new issue of a magazine is published? Simply create an EBSCO account, and set up email alerts for the magazines that interest you.

There are thousands of magazines and journals available in EBSCO so you will be spoiled for choice!

Browsing the Web at Griffith

You can use any web browser on your staff computer at Griffith. Keep in mind there are some corporate systems that require a particular browser to be used (typically Internet Explorer or Firefox).

The browsers included as standard for Windows (Internet Explorer/Edge) and Apple OSX (Safari) both work fine for mainstream use.

The most popular browser at Griffith is Google Chrome, probably due to the additional enhancements it provides when using Google Apps and services.

You can install Chrome and Firefox on staff Windows machines from the “Installable Applications” link on the Windows Start Menu.

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