How do successful academics make an impact with their research?


They embrace open access! Making your materials openly available to the public and your peers will deliver significant benefits, such as improving your research profile and citation rates.

Leading academics shared their experiences at a seminar hosted by Griffith University, the University of Queensland (UQ) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) during Open Access Week (19-25 October 2015).

Held at South Bank’s Ship Inn, the Open for Collaboration seminar explored the diversity of ways successful academics disseminate their work to create impact and develop collaborations.

If you didn’t make it to the seminar in late October, don’t worry. You can now watch the Open for Collaboration seminar on YouTube.


For more insight into open scholarship, check out the videos’ of Griffith University Professors’, Andrew Brown and Sidney Dekker, filmed exclusively for Open Access Week 2015.

Professor Andrew Brown
Professor Andrew Brown has many professional interests, including modelling musical intelligence and designing generative and interactive audio-visual art. Andrew documents his performances and publishes the videos on his website.  He has discovered that important lessons can be learnt from publishing research that didn’t work.


Professor Sidney Dekker
Professor Sidney Dekker is a best-selling author on human factors and safety, and pilot.  To be successful, Sidney stresses the importance of disseminating research to the industry that needs it.  He does this though publishing his research in books and on his website, and conducting presentations around the world.

For more information about open access, visit Griffith’s Open Access website.

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