Do you know about the free Research Survey Tool?


There are many online survey tools available such as SurveyMonkey, Survey Gizmo, Qualtrics, Question Pro and Checkbox.

However, eResearch Services provides you with a free, locally-hosted, secure survey solution –  the Research Survey Tool.

Using the LimeSurvey application, the Research Survey Tool enables you to develop, publish and collect responses to surveys.

You can register to create an online survey in either the Sandpit environment or Production environment.

The Sandpit environment is where you can create and edit a test version of your survey without ethics approval. However, surveys in this environment cannot be activated.

The Production environment is where you can create and activate your survey. You must obtain an ethics approval number to be able to register for the Production environment.

It is recommended that you use the Sandpit environment to design your survey. Once you have ethics approval, you can register for the Production environment and have your survey transferred over by the Research Survey Support Team.

eResearch Services maintains a Survey Archive that provides a secure storage for expired surveys. All survey data supported in LimeSurvey is migrated to the Survey Archive within thirty days and kept for a designated period (as may be required by statutory obligations).

Need help to develop your survey? You can request help via our online form.

You can arrange a one-on-one consultation with staff from the Research Survey Support Team. This service is free and can be very helpful at key stages in your survey development. Fill out the online form to request a consultation.

The Research Survey Centre, Help and Resources page, contains helpful resources to assist you with survey construction and provides answers to frequently asked questions.

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