8 things you didn’t know about Dr Siobhan O’Dwyer

Dr Siobhan O'Dwyer

Dr Siobhan O’Dwyer

Dr Siobhan O’Dwyer is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Practice Innovation, Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Griffith University.

1. She is currently researching suicide and homicide risk in family carers of people with dementia.
‘Our team has a number of projects in progress, including systematic reviews, RCTs, and pilot studies’ Siobhan said. My main priority at the moment is to finalise a qualitative study of resilience in family carers of people with dementia’. Siobhan is also involved in Professor Wendy Moyle’s research on innovative approaches to managing the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia.

2. Siobhan spends a considerable amount of time on social media. Yes, for work… really!
Siobhan is a Social Media Correspondent for Piirus, an international academic networking website run by the University of Warwick. Piirus is a not-for-profit service that aims to help researchers find collaborators for new projects. Her role is to strengthen Piirus‘ social media presence and encourage more researchers from Australia to get involved.

3. She encourages academics to shut up and write on Tuesdays.
She is the coordinator of Shut Up & Write Tuesdays, an online writing workshop for academics. The workshop is run via Twitter on the first and third Tuesday of every month and they have accounts in Australia (@SUWTues), the UK (@SUWTUK), and the USA (@SUWTNA).

4. ‘Challenge accepted’ should be her motto.
‘Hard work, passion, and pig-headedness’ is how Siobhan has achieved her success. ‘I work hard and I love what I do’, she said. ‘My response to being told I can’t do something is ‘just watch me!’ I’ve also had amazing mentors, wonderful industry partners, enthusiastic research participants, and a decent amount of luck’.

5. She aspires to be a Professor by the time she is 40.
And she’s willing to fight for it! ‘Women in academia face systemic discrimination’, said Siobhan. ‘I will have to fight every step of the way to ensure I don’t become another victim of the ‘leaky pipeline’. But I’m passionate about what I do and determined to be a force for good in academia, so I’m up for the challenge’.

6.The last book Siobhan read was Lidia Yuknavitch’s memoir The Chronology of Water
Siobhan said she developed an interest in Yuknavitch after reading her novel The Small Backs of Children. ‘I found the writing so powerful, I often had to put the book down and catch my breath. I wanted to know more about her, and experience more of her unique writing style, so I moved on to the memoir’.

7. The pool is her happy place.
Siobhan loves swimming! She said: ‘I would happily forgo the internet, electricity, and even the wheel, if it meant I could have clean, fresh water to swim in’.

8. She uses online resources for self-control, content generation and research.
PubMed is her ‘go to’ database for general health research. Siobhan said: ‘When my work draws on more specific fields like nursing, psychology, or history, I’ll use CINAHL, PsycInfo, and JSTOR’.

When Siobhan needs self-control she uses the free and open-source SelfControl application. SelfControl lets you block your own access to distracting websites, your mail servers, or anything else on the Internet. ‘I use SelfControl to lock myself out of websites like Twitter and SBS OnDemand while I work’, she said.

Siobhan uses Scrivener to write large documents such as books and book chapters. Scrivener is a content-generation tool which puts everything you need for structuring, writing and editing long documents at your fingertips.

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