And the winner is… the Information Management Team!

Gabrielle Ingram, Manager, Corporate Information

Gabrielle Ingram, Manager, Corporate Information

Griffith University’s Information Management Team are the proud joint recipients of the Inaugural Chris Simpson Award for Partnership and Teamwork.

This prestigious award from the Queensland Local Government & Corporations Chapter of RIMPA (Records and Information Management Professionals Association of Australasia) recognises individuals or groups who have worked cooperatively toward a common goal, utilising an effective method of transferring ‘know how’ to create sustainable working relationships that enable the elevation of recordkeeping within an organisation.

Griffith’s Information Management Team were nominated for the award by Queensland State Archives who have been particularly impressed with the community of sharing and engagement between the following local universities.

Griffith University, Sunshine Coast University, Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland have been working together to discuss current recordkeeping and information management issues and potential solutions within the sector.

Together, the universities have shared their knowledge and solutions around common challenges being faced by the sector. One of the main challenges being paper mountains – the storing of legacy paper records.

Queensland State Archives now plans on using their combined knowledge and experience to develop advice for others to follow. Which means this fantastic team effort will now also benefit others, as there are many agencies trying to overcome their own paper mountains.

This is not the first time Griffith has used their experience to help others. Griffith University published a Born Digital Stay Digital Case Study this year. The case study outlines the approach taken by Griffith University in going digital.

Congratulations again to IM for this fantastic achievement and for developing a collaborative partnership that celebrates successful information management.


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