Learn about what you can do with LinkedIn


‘Perhaps you’ve heard of LinkedIn, but you don’t understand fully what it is, how it works, and most importantly why you should care about it’ (LinkedIn for Dummies, p.1).

Well, you need to read LinkedIn for Dummies (3rd Edition) by Joel Elad. Available via the ProQuest Ebrary database, the ebook covers all aspects of using the LinkedIn site.

LinkedIn for Dummies starts with the basics, including how to sign up and build your online profile. It also covers what you can do with LinkedIn (pp. 14-19):

  • Build your brand and profile
    You are in control of your professional identity. For example, you can post your memberships, affiliations, honors, awards, certifications, publications, professional interests, projects, portfolios, blogs and websites.
  • Look for a job
    LinkedIn can help you find the right person to discuss job openings or get a reference from a past boss. You can find information about a company, enable the right employers to find you (and offer you a job!), or just search the posted job listings.
  • Find out valuable information
    LinkedIn can help you find specific information on a person, position, company, industry or trends. For example, you can find out the professional interests of the academic collaborating with you on a project, the name of the editor at a top-ranking journal in the UK, or hot research trends predicted for 2016.
  • Expand your network
    LinkedIn provides the ability to ‘reach like-minded and well connected professionals who share a common interest, experience or group membership’.

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