How to edit your Griffith Experts profile


Launched last month, Griffith Experts contains profiles of more than 3655 academics.

To meet the University’s strategic objectives, Griffith Experts will surface our excellence across all areas of research, learning, and teaching.

Full time and fixed term academic staff are automatically issued with a profile. For research active academics, your Griffith Experts profile will replace your Research Hub profile.

For all other academics, including adjuncts, a profile can be activated following approval from the respective Group PVC. Once approval has been obtained, you can forward it to for your profile to be set up.

To ensure Griffith Expert profiles are current and rich, and to save you time, information that is held in other university systems will be presented on your Experts profile. This includes your contact details, publications and research outputs that have been submitted and verified in the Research Information Management System (RIMS), and news from Griffith News Online or The Conversation.

Support is available if for some reason your profile shows information that may not be correct. You can obtain support by completing a General Enquiry Form.

To log in and start editing your Griffith Experts profile:

    • Go to Griffith Experts
    • Click Login on the right-hand corner
    • Enter your Griffith Username and Password
    • Click Profile next to the Login button
    • Click the Edit icon next to the section you wish to edit. All editable fields will have an Edit icon
    • Click Save once you have completed editing the fields you wish to update.

For further assistance, please see the Getting Started Editing Your Profile user guide. You must be logged into Griffith Experts to view this guide.

Griffith Experts improves the discoverability of our academic excellence, and makes it easier for HDR candidates to find and engage potential supervisors.

The greater effort that you put into editing and enhancing your profile, the more likely it is that you will be visible to those individuals and organisations who are searching for Griffith academics to work with.

For further information regarding Griffith Experts please email


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