Perfect Match: EndNote helps researchers match article drafts with publications


So you’ve done the hard yards and written an academic paper fit for publication. But which journal will you submit it to? You can now ask Endnote for recommendations. Endnote’s Manuscript Matcher can help you find the ideal place for your work to be published.

Accessed via EndNote Online, Manuscript Matcher combines state-of-the-art algorithms with the highly curated citation data of the Web of Science.

Simply, input the title and abstract of your paper and select your appropriate EndNote reference group.

The program uses this information, along with data about each Web of Science journal, to recommend where the article has the best chance of being published.

For details about Manuscript Matcher, visit the Endnote website.

How do I access Endnote?

EndNote is available to staff on a work and home computer/laptop. There are versions for a Mac or PC.

There are a variety of ways you can access Endnote.

  • On a work PC it is available under the Start button > Installable Applicationsor PC/Mac by logging in to the Software Request System 
  • For home via the Software Download Service (SDS) on your Griffith staff or student Google Drive. Click here to set up your Griffith University Google Drive to access the SDS.

Where can I get help with Endnote?


Attend an Endnote workshop. Information Services offers Endnote for Windows and Endnote for Mac workshops during the semester.

The workshops will show you how to create and manage references in EndNote and insert citations and reference lists into Microsoft Word documents. They also cover how to import references into an EndNote library, manage library preferences, work with output styles and troubleshooting.

The next Endnote workshop is being held on 9.30, Tuesday 15 March at the Gold Coast Campus. Book now!


Can’t make it to a workshop? No problem! You can book a consultation with an ICT Literacy Specialist. Griffith staff and postgraduate research students with a university computer and a workspace on campus have access to one-to-one assistance with computing queries or supported software. To request this service, call extension 55555.

Drop-in sessions

Otherwise just drop-in and consult with an ICT Literacy Specialist. No bookings required. Just turn up! Drop-in sessions are available at the Gold Coast and Nathan Campus.

Online guides

Check out our Endnote Library Guide. It provides helpful links to training videos, webinars, tip sheets and FAQ’s.

One Comment on “Perfect Match: EndNote helps researchers match article drafts with publications”

  1. imawisegeek says:

    Good morning!
    I used to used Endnote, which is indeed powerful, and has interesting features like this.

    But I now use Mendeley, which is free and I personally find it much quicker and simple:

    Does Griffith provides support for it?


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