Yammer is not Facebook…. It’s kinda similar but not really


New to Yammer? Well, let us introduce you… Yammer is a private social network that helps you collaborate across departments, locations and business apps. You can use Yammer ‘to build a body of knowledge that’s accessible by any coworker at any time and from any device’ (Work like a network with Yammer, 2016).

Yammer is often described as ‘Facebook for business’, but Yammer does so ‘much more than Mark Zuckerberg’s baby’ (What the heck is Yammer?).  Yes, there is a newsfeed with posts you can like and share. Yes, there are hashtags. And yes, the Yammer interface looks remarkably similar to Facebook. But the collaboration features are what truly sets it apart. For example, you can:

  • Attach a file to a post to quickly share information without clogging up email inboxes.
  • Upload files to a repository where colleagues can download and update them
  • Find contact information for Griffith University colleagues who are enrolled in Yammer

What’s more you can now collaborate with colleagues outside of Griffith University. Yammer introduced an external messaging feature last year which enables you to add collaborators from outside Griffith University to your Yammer conversations.

Simply add their email address to a Yammer conversation in your network, and they’ll be able to see and respond to this conversation from their own Yammer network or email inbox.

‘Your data stays secure because outside participants only access the conversations they have been added to and not the rest of the information in your network’, said Juliet Wei in her blog post (Evolving Yammer for a new era of teamwork, 2015).

Signing up to Yammer is super simple:

  • Go to yammer.com
  • Enter your Griffith email address
  • Check your inbox for a confirmation email message
  • Click the web address in the email message to activate your account
  • Complete the new user sign-up steps.

Want a guided tour? Watch this Yammer 101 video.

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