You wouldn’t read about it! Watch videos in the Books 24×7 database


You probably already know about all the business, technical and engineering eBooks available in the Books24x7 database. But did you know that it now includes video?

Browse for videos under these three topics:

  • Desktop
  • IT and Technical
  • Leadership

Desktop Video Topics

Desktop Video Topics  provides handy tips for Microsoft Office, Graphics and Design, Mobile Devices and Computer Skills, and different Operating Systems. Check out these helpful videos:

IT and Technical Video Topics

Browse IT and Technical Video Topics for useful video’s on Cloud Computing and Virtualisation, Data and Databases, Operating Systems and Programs, Enterprise Resource Planning, Software Design and Implementation, and Project Management. Take a look at these ones:

The Leadership Development Channel

The Leadership Development Channel includes more than 2,000 video assets from some of the world’s most recognised leaders and management gurus. Check out these videos and be inspired:

  • Leadership is About Humility and Empowering Others
    You can’t lead there if you’re not leading yourself first. Dan Labbad explains why humility and just being yourself are key traits of today’s top leaders
  • Barriers to Women Leaders
    Women encounter obstacles to leadership because of a bias that favours males for critical assignments, because women have mentors instead of sponsors, and they don’t match stereotypes about that leaders look like.

So next time you’re stuck and need a tip or trick, don’t forget to check Books24x7 for a short helpful video.

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