Do you have a question about the Reading List Service?

Course Readings

The Reading List Service makes it easy to edit, digitise, and publish your course reading lists. But maybe you have unanswered questions about functionality or the system seems to be doing something odd (and it’s definitely not user error!) that you would like to talk to Scholarly Resource Services staff about.

Well, we have good news and more good news! Drop-in sessions are now available at the Nathan Campus to help you manage your Reading Lists. And the sessions will be rolled out to all Griffith campuses very, very soon!

If you have a question about course list organisation, adding resources to your list, requesting digitisation, or something tricky, drop-in to see us! Scholarly Resource Services staff will provide you with hands-on training.

Nathan Campus Drop-in Sessions

12pm – 2pm
Room N53 1.49

12pm – 2pm
Room N.53 1.50

Can’t make it to a session? Or need help right this minute? Check out our handy self help guides and videos.

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